Beaconsfield Community House, Rock Ferry, CH42 3YN
0744 791 3888

About us

Neo was founded in 2013, it has grown in size, success and delivery through the determination and passion from its directors and team members.

It originated from a small community café in the heart of Leasowe offering healthy and nutritious food, catering and job training opportunities, with a passion to alleviate food insecurity/waste.

Before long Neo became recognised within the community and started offering food assistance and support, giving out its first crisis food bag in October 2013.

Through growing links with other community groups and Lidl, Neo began to offer surplus food to community  members, through the first of Neo’s community food markets.

Since the beginning Neo has run and supported over 100 community events across Wirral and has become a well known provider of support across many communities.

Neo prides itself  on being unique with its approach by going out and listening to what it is the community desires and allowing the couture creation of  services, these can then be  moulded around an all-encompassing continuum of local needs and challenges.